14 June 2012

My Bikram Yoga Story

I wrote about my Bikram Yoga "story" towards the end of last year around August or September and never included a link here, which was silly.  If you'd like to read about my yoga journey and others' as well - here is a link -->  Heidi's Story

Enjoy and Happy Thursday!

11 June 2012

Tracy Detox Contest Submission

Tracy Detox Contest Submission

Please vote for my photo and get me in the top 10! Tracy will then pick a winner for a detox week in the Hampton's!! You all know how much i love my Tracy!! Thanks! :)

09 January 2012

Back ON the Wagon!

Things have been good! Although at work I feel I am being swallowed alive by paperwork and follow up, and working from 8am until 7pm almost every day is getting kind of old, I know I have a great life, a great job, etc.! I am back on the Tracy Anderson/Bikram Yoga wagon, back eating healthfully, and am doing a whole body cleanse from Trader Joe's. Woke up this morning feeling super tired even though I got 9 hours of sleep! Oh well, it's Monday. What's to be expected?! :)

Tomorrow is Tuesday. TAM tomorrow morning and a YP (Young Patrons of the Portland Art Museum) meeting tomorrow night. I can do this!

01 November 2011


I know I have a good life. I know this, but dear God, I am SO tired of feeling taken advantage of. It never seems to end and call me a complainer but I don't feel like this is a complaint; it's my life struggle (we all have them) to deal with. Whether it's constantly bending over backwards for someone and never getting anything in return, or opening up to someone emotionally and never even knowing things about them until it's too late, being super generous and never seeing anything in any form being given back not even time or energy, or giving an inch and them taking a mile, it seems this is my lot in life.

Can I change it? I hope so. I'm growing so tired of it....what to do? I just want things to be good, fair, and peaceful. Is that too much to ask?? ;)

On a different note, it's crazy how you can connect with a character so much it's eerie. Watching "Black Swan" recently, I connected so much with Natalie Portman's character as she faces struggles and her dealings with her mother. Maybe it's the living at home for so long and being so over-protected and naive. But wow, I think if I had stayed in that environment for much longer maybe I would have ended up as poor Nina. Hopefully not and I've made it thus far but man, the beginning of the movie reminded me SO much of me at 18, 19, 20. Super naive. Ugh. But it sure did make me miss ballet and all of the guts and glory that go into it!! Loved Black Swan!!! :)

29 October 2011

Falling off the wagon...

The best part about falling off the wagon is getting back on, right?

I've lost my way after a fun trip to Sunriver, having too much fun for my birthday, and then getting super, super sick. Ugh. It happens and I refuse to beat myself up over it. I am up this morning, FINALLY feeling better from that dreadful cold, and am determined to get up and get moving and restarting my Tracy Anderson Continuity DVD's. Now that the congestion is finally just about almost 100% gone, I feel I can safely restart my program, so here we go! Looking forward to logging those burned calories!! :)

19 July 2011

Leap of Faith - Inspirations

Just a few things that have recently inspired me.......the list will continue....

1.  My beautiful friend, Juliet, who said "bye-bye" to the corporate world and is following her true love and inspiration as a yoga can take her yoga classes HERE.
2.  All of the amazingly talented and young dancers on So You Think You Can Dance (one of my top fave shows - don't laugh!).....when I watch that show, I come to tears nearly every performance night.  Their grace and talent astound me year after year...
3.  All of my fellow Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis ladies....I have added quite a few of their blogs to my blog list to the right and they are just SO inspirational.  We all come from different backgrounds/experience so to be doing this together and being able to help support each other through an online media helps tremendously!
4.  Those who follow their dreams.  I kick myself all the time for not following mine when I was young and had so many possibilities (no regrets though!) but also know that it's NEVER TOO LATE and when I hear about friends my age who make it possible, it makes me hopeful.
5.  All of my beautiful and talented friends who are so caring and thoughtful.  I love you.

Happy July 2011.  Wish it was sunny here in Portland but alas, it's Portland and it's still raining.  ARGH!!  ;)  xoxo

12 July 2011

Day 50 - Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis - Results!

I completely forgot to post my Day 50 results! I am now going on Day 56 so am a little behind on posting but things are still going well!

Although by Day 50 I hadn't lost any more weight, I could definitely still feel a difference in the way my clothes were fitting and the way my body looked, which is good!

It turns out I lost another .25" from my hips (hooray!  any little bit counts!!) and another 1/2" from each thigh!!  Seriously!!  :)

I am continuing to see the results and they are great.  I bought a new pair of works pants a couple of weeks ago and they are already getting loose on me, what the heck?!  I am enjoying this feeling and am keeping on.  Level 6 of TAM (Tracy Anderson Method) is definitely kicking my butt but I'm sticking to it.  Other than taking an unscheduled rest day the other day, I'm a keeping on.......only four more days of Level 6!  I can do it and then I'll get to see what Level 7 has in store for me....YIKES!

Hope everyone is doing well....over and out for now!  :)